Contact Lenses

Mullers Optometrists are leaders in the field of contact lenses and specialised contact lens fitting. All stores offer a full contact lens professional service and are able to fit soft disposable and rigid contact lenses.

Contact lenses are usually classified as ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ lenses. Soft contact lenses are disposable and are available as daily or monthly replacement options. Some specialty soft lenses can be worn up to 6 months. Soft contact lenses are available in a wide range of prescriptions and brands and generally allow a high amount of oxygen to the cornea, making them healthier than ever before.

Soft Lens Brands

Specialty Contact Lenses

Hard contact lenses also maintain excellent corneal health and can generally be worn up to 2 years with proper care. Hard lenses are available in a variety of designs such as RGP’s (rigid gas permeable) and Scleral lenses (which fit over the eye and do not touch the cornea). Hybrid lenses are also available which are hard in the center and have a soft outer skirt for better comfort.
Mullers specialise in fitting rigid lenses, hybrids and scleral lenses for the complicated eye! These are highly successful for fitting people with poor vision due to keratoconus, irregular corneas or post-surgical complications. Our practices around Cape Town use advanced technologies such as OCT scans and corneal topographers to improve the accuracy of the fit of the lenses. Topography is essentially the mapping of the cornea and the OCT allows us to examine the fit of Scleral lenses down to the last nano-meter!

Risk-free Trial Lens Fitting

All our contact lens fittings are done on a trial basis. The initial lenses are supplied at no cost to the patient. After a few days wear and a comprehensive assessment, the prescription and lens brand is finalised and then ordered. This allows our patients to try before they buy.

Risk-free Trial Lens Fitting

Inserting and removing contact lenses may be a challenge at first. As part of your initial contact lens examination, we assist you with the correct techniques on how to take the lenses on and off. This can take some practice and if you do need a reminder, you can click here for additional information.

Contact lens cleaning and care is an important part of wearing monthly disposable lenses. Read more to make sure you are taking proper care of your contact lenses and your eyes!