“ We keep abreast of the latest developments in eye examination technology.”
For over a century and a quarter, Mullers has consistantly provided the highest level of eyecare. Our team of well-trained, experienced and skillfull optometrists and optical dispensers will ensure that the correct glasses and the ideal fit.

We also provide an array of highly specialised skills including:

  • Advanced contact lens fitting for irregular corneas post surgery
  • Low vision care for cases of macular degeneration and other sight-inhibiting diseases, binocular vision and paediatric care
  • At the forefront of technology, Mullers offers advanced diagnostic equipment including fundus cameras capturing photographs of the retina


Should any patient feel their vision is “not quite right” – yes, this occurs from time to time – our optometrist will re-examine at no additional cost to ensure the refraction is correct.

We have the added benefit of being able to draw on expertise in the group for a second opinion if required.